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FOX News
Feb 8, 2011 7:00pm EST
to a party and that sent him to rehab. charlie sheen may be back to work. a lot sooner than anybody realized. charlie sheen coming up. quality and reliability are more than words here. it's personal. i have diabetes. so i'm proud to manufacture the accu-chek aviva meters and test strips here in the usa. and now we put a prescription discount card in every box so you'll pay no more than $15 on tt strips, which is a true american value foreople with dbetes likee. [ male announcer ] accu-chek aviva. born in the usa. mary? what are you doing here? it's megan. i'm getting new insurance. marjorie, you've had a policy with us for three years. it's been five years. five years. well, progressive gives megan discounts that you guys didn't. paperless, safe driver, and i get great service. meredith, what's shakin', bacon? they'll figure it out. getting you the discounts you deserve. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> shepard: just into fox news channel, our first live look at that deadly mississippi school bus crash we reported about at the top of this newscast. crews are now moving the bu
Feb 9, 2011 4:30am EST
to throw her in jail if she gets into trouble again. >> she is on probation. unlike charlie sheen, who pled to a crime and is not on probation, lindsay lohan has the hammer of the law just waiting to come down upon her. >> did you steal the necklace -- >> if convicted of the necklace theft, lohan could face up to three years in prison. >>> straight ahead your wednesday morning weather. and in sports, lebron james and dwyane wade rally the heat for a win. [ engine revs ] [ male announcer ] the uconnect touch system on the 2011 dodge journey controls the radio, media player, heated seats, climate control, navigation, phone, and more. this means that if you call shotgun on a dodge journey, you've just inherited a lot of responsibility. [ engine revs ] [ flag blowing in wind ] ♪ 100 ways to enjoy pringles. ♪ ♪ and they're the same price as the leading bag chips. 100 crisps... 100 ways. ♪ everything pops with pringles. >>> here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. new york, partly cloudy, 29. miami, sunny, 75. chicago, partly cloudy, 11. dallas, snow and windy, 24.
Feb 9, 2011 12:35am PST
: charlie sheen! >> audience member: charlie daniels! >> jimmy: who -- who is it? >> larry david, "curb your enthusiasm." [ scattered applause ] >> jimmy: it was larry david. >> notice the subtle -- the subtle nuances with the hands. >> >> jimmy: that's pretty good. that's very good. walking impression. >> are you ready. >> audience member: john wayne! >> jimmy: george burns. >> audience member: ronald reagan. >> letterman. >> jimmy: oh, david letterman. >> yeah. yeah. yeah. >> jimmy: that is -- that is -- that's letterman. yeah, yeah. >> there's something going on -- when he's kind of -- >> jimmy: and he is always chewing on something, and he's waving as he's walking. >> these are all good. these are all good, by the way. [ laughter ] okay. all right. last one. are you ready? >> jimmy: yeah. >> this is a tough one. this is -- nobody is going to get this. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, man. >> audience member: ellen degeneres. >> christopher walken walkin'. >> jimmy: wow. [ cheers and applause ] that is a deep cut. that is a deep cut. i like that. >> up top. >> jimmy: up high. fist bump an
Feb 9, 2011 3:05am PST
-super bowl parties. con, charlie sheen started three months ago. [ laughter ] he loves the super bowl. >> steve: yeah, he loves the super bowl. >> jimmy: he has a major -- >> steve: he loves it! >> jimmy: "what time is it?" "it starts now, man. let's go." [ laughter ] pro, there's enough cocktail wieners for everybody. con, if you run out, brett favre can sext you one more. [ audience ohs ] [ laughter ] technology is amazing. >> steve: amazing. >> jimmy: pro, uncle gary brought his thundersticks to cheer on the packers. con, aunt mary brought her thunder thighs to take up half the couch. [ laughter ] guess i won't be sitting down during the game. pro, watching the black eyed peas perform during the super bowl halftime show. con, watching grandma try to dance to "my humps." [ laughter ] "don't dance, grandma." pro, traditional super bowl party foods are very rich and high in fat. con, just like john madden. [ laughter ] is he not rich? is he not rich? >> steve: he's rich. he's very wealthy. i would think from "madden football" alone, from that video game. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: pro, th
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)